(Rewind): If You’re Thinking About Other People In A Relationship, Listen To This…


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Back in ye olden times, the fear that a partner might be cheating was enough to keep someone up at night. But in recent years, we’ve added a new layer of anxiety to the mix: “micro-cheating,” a.k.a. “back burner relationships.” In fact, when Psychology Today recently polled people who are in a relationship, 56% revealed they had a back burner person: someone they’re in contact with who could be an option if their current relationship doesn’t go the distance. That’s not to say that everyone realizes what they’re doing. Many feel it’s harmless—that they’re just being friendly and keeping in touch with a friend.

Today’s clip will give you a simple test to figure out if you’re in a back burner relationship, and provide you with the mindset you need to give your current one its best shot.


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