(Matt Monday): 7 Ways To Create Chemistry (Make Him Ask You Out Again)


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You felt like the date couldn’t have gone better. They told you they had the best time, and as soon as you got home, you started counting down the minutes until you could see them again . . .

Except you never got that second date.

Why would someone disappear after saying they had a really great time?

Today’s episode reveals the #1 reason why this happens, and what you can do about it. I’ll give you a hint: chemistry is the key factor that turns a first date into a second one—and in this new video, I show you 7 simple ways to create incredible chemistry on a date. These tips are the difference between someone thinking, “Well, that was nice,” and someone telling themselves, “I must see this person again!”

Whether you’re headed out on a first date tonight or just want reignite attraction with someone you’ve already been out with, this video is for you. (And if you’ve ever wondered what to text someone after a date to leave them wanting more, don’t miss tip #7.)


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