There's Nothing Common About Common Sense Featuring Somatic Therapy Practitioner and Author Todd Nils Nyholm


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Brief Episode Summary:

Common sense dictates that you can’t give to others what you don’t have yourself, and you cannot give what you cannot sustainably create! Whatever it is that you wish to bless others with, you must first develop in yourself. Your inner self deserves the same conscious priority as your environment! It’s all just common sense!
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Key Topics:

  • What is your life-purpose and what is a somatic therapy practitioner?
  • What do you say health is, why is surrounding one's life around it so important and what is the Nytality Method?
  • Why is experiencing life inside you so important versus forcing change on the outside, thereby creating a "misery factory?"
  • Connecting to one's inner guidance/intuition/feeling sense is vital if one is not going to be deceived by the ego!
  • What does it mean to organize the mind, what are its benefits and where should you start?
  • How is time one of our greatest sources of wealth?
  • What is the importance of utilizing our Heart Guidance?


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