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Brief Episode Summary:

Over the almost two and a half years that I’ve hosted my podcast, Discovering and Living the Best Version…of YOU, I’ve had the immense privilege of interviewing some of the planet’s top thought and strategic leaders, positively impacting the thousands globally who have listened to the show, helping each one on his or her journey to becoming the best version of them self! The wisdom you’re about to open your heart to, if you’ll do what others can’t, won’t, or don’t do, is going to, quite simply… take you higher!
#problems #challenges #MindsetUnlocked #startingover #change #comfortzones #control #mindset #delegation #cross-training
Key Topics:

  • There are problems and there are challenges and they're not necessarily the same. What are the primary differences?
  • What does it mean to start over and to embrace change positively?
  • What are the shortcomings associated with comfort zones?
  • The strategic importance of focusing all our time, talents and treasures ONLY where we have control and/or influence, How is it done?
  • Remembering our WHY!
  • If you don't know something, learn it...or pay the price! There's no free lunch!
  • Which is it...delegation, cross-training, or both?


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A Realtor in AZ for 10 years, her main goal is to take the stress off you.

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