An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away Featuring Registered Nurse, Author and Holistic Health Coach Sarah Dawkins


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Brief Episode Summary: One only sees the truth when one is ready. As we age, the laundry list of dis-eases and health problems we encounter with the accompanying pharmaceuticals and prescriptions, for most of us, seems to be a never-ending one! Ask yourself this question and be honest with the answer! In recent years, are your medical referrals and visits increasing in number, staying the same or decreasing? I know how I would answer the question. The answer to this dilemma doesn’t lie with doing more of the same for that will produce even more of the same results. The answer irrefutably can be found in self-healing. Let’s get started.
#truth #diseases #health #pharmaceuticals #prescriptions #self-healing #holistic #alternativemedicine #pain #soul #gratitude #mindfulness #laughter #joy #irrational #hopelessness #anxiety #healing #freedom
Key Topics:

  • Some of the most powerful modalities you can use to self-heal...and they're free!
  • If self-healing is to be on your short list, believing in what you believe is crucial!
  • The 2 types of pain, how they differ and how does the approach to treatment differ?
  • Sarah's top 6 life-giving steps to pursuing self-care.
  • Your soul needs gratitude, mindfulness, appreciation, love of self and others and joy to be nourished.
  • Anxiety...its symptoms and how we can victoriously overcome it.
  • Changing discomfort, pain, and hopelessness into meaningful healing and freedom!


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A Realtor in AZ for 10 years, her main goal is to take the stress off you.

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