S2E7: Building and Sustaining Community with Niya Bajaj


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  1. Living up to my parent's expectations..or not!
  2. the importance of building a community and then sustaining it. not just because we are friends but because we are a community whether we agree with one another or not.
  3. How 200-hour yoga teacher training is the gateway to your yoga education and teaching journey
  4. How yoga therapists integrate blend very well with the health care system.
  5. Learning how to rest
  6. The stigma of what a yoga teacher is supposed to look like in Western cultures and why are nine-year-olds telling us what we should look like as yoga teachers.
  7. the narrative that there is noble poverty. The poorer you are the more we can take advantage of you
  8. How to acknowledge where your energy is and what you can give. How to communicate this with your career and job needs? Setting boundaries and expectations.
  9. make healthier spaces for ourselves which will improve performance which then improves organizational health. If the grass that is supporting the tree is not watered and treated well, that tree will fall down.
  10. My lived experiences inform the lens of my work.
  11. Intentional well-being in community care. Stay engaged in the processes that make the community stay accountable.
  12. When you don’t show up to vote you are just voting against your best interest.

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