160. Answering the Call for a Midlife Reinvention with Annie Schuessler


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  • It's easy to rationalize our way OUT and convince ourselves we don't need a career change.
  • Asking for help at the outset can make all the difference.
  • The transition to a new career can take different forms; there isn't one way to do this.
  • A midlife career change doesn't mean starting from Square 1. We take with us all the experiences, skills, and perspectives that can only enrich our new role.


Annie Schuessler is a business coach and the host of the podcast Rebel Therapist® Podcast. With her Rebel Therapist®Programs, she helps therapists, healers, and coaches make an impact beyond a traditional private practice.

Annie had thought she was having her version of a midlife crisis when she started to feel the strong pull to reinvent herself and her career. And in this episode, we talk about all that happened after that one beautiful weekend when she finally realized that this successful career that she had painstakingly built? The truth was she dreaded returning to it the following Monday.

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