Good Enough Parenting and Shifting Generational Trauma with Cath Counihan


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For many of us, motherhood and parenting can bring up our unresolved issues and trauma, especially around food and our bodies. But instead of recycling these things to our children, we have an opportunity to heal to help shift dysfunctional patterns in our families as we learn to reparent ourselves.
Today's show is a conversation with Catherine Counihan, trauma-informed Integrative Psychotherapist and mother of twin girls, who shares her expertise on the intersection of trauma and parenting.
Show Takeaways:

  • Listen in as Cath and Crystal discuss how to breakdown generational trauma and shame
  • Discover what “Good Enough” Parenting is, what it looks like, and how that can be sufficient in supporting attuned relationships
  • Learn how to hold space for your children's’ big emotions while also dealing with your own

About Catherine:
Catherine Counihan is an Integrative Psychotherapist working in private practice in London. She is the mother of twin girls and one of her areas of expertise is the intersection between our own trauma and our parenting. Cath specialises in complex trauma, perfectionism, nervous system healing, shifting dysfunctional patterns in our families and reparenting. Her passion is to shift shame and help each client gain an embodied sense of being good enough. Cath had done a lot of her own personal work and her own trauma therapy prior to kids and, despite this, was set back to emotional ground zero by motherhood. Cath hosts a weekly podcast 'Grow Yourself Up' focused on how we can learn to tend to ourselves in adulthood when we have not had our needs met as children, and the challenges of doing this as we parent. She also writes, has taught at the Bowlby Centre in London and will begin teaching for the International Attachment Network in 2023. She has more than a decade of clinical experience and had a previous career in financial services.
Listen to Cath's Podcast, "Grow Yourself Up":
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