5 Practical Steps for Re-parenting Yourself Around Food and Your Body


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You may’ve grown up learning how to diet or believing your body couldn’t be trusted. You may’ve learned that your body was something that needed to be controlled and that shrinking your body was a worthy cause. You may’ve learned to take up as little space as possible and that your worth was defined by how much you weighed.

These are messages that may’ve been passed down to you from your family or origin, which are perpetuated by the dieting culture we live in.

And you can unlearn these messages and challenge these harmful narratives to support a more positive relationship with food and your body and to be able to model behaviors that you would be proud for your children to emulate themselves.

Tune in for 5 practical steps to help you start to shift the generational cycles of diet culture and body shaming in your life to rewrite the narrative and support your kiddos in building resiliency against these harmful messages.
Learn more about Lift the Shame, a virtual support group and community for mothers and moms-to-be who are healing their relationship with food and their bodies to raise intuitive eaters: https://www.crystalkarges.com/lift-the-shame-online-support-group

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