Matt Gillan and Hannah Bamford, Heritage Restaurant, Interpreting Wine Hospitality Summit 2020 (Day 2, Session 2)


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Welcome to Day 2, Session 2 of the Interpreting Wine Hospitality Summit 2020. We continue with restaurants and travel to Heritage Restaurant West Sussex to speak with Chef-Owner Matt Gillan and General Manager Hannah Bamford. We hear origin stories from the pair and how they came to be working together in setting up the restaurant. They take us inside the story of opening the restaurant in August 2019, giving us a virtual tour of front of house and the kitchen. They talk about the immediate reaction in March 2020, when it became apparent the restaurant would have to close. We discuss keeping their customers engaged during lockdown, while being mindful that their regulars were unable to visit. The pair finish by looking ahead, beyond the immediate situation and talk to their future ambitions.

Episode outline:

Origin Story

Virtual tour of Heritage, location, property, front of house and kitchen

Initial reactions in March

Engaging with customers over lockdown

Looking ahead

Guest Links

The Interpreting Wine Hospitality Summit was recorded in September 2020, with the world recovering from the global pandemic and the hospitality sector still particularly challenged. This series of seven episodes features some of the UK’s most respected voices discussing the impacts on wine, food, cocktails, bars, retail and events. Listen, share ideas and reconnect during this four day virtual summit held across web, podcast and social media. Please do share using the hashtag IW Summit and encourage anyone who might be interested to sign up at

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Guest: Matt Gillan and Hannah Bamford, Heritage Restaurant

Date recorded: 13 September 2020






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