#105 The Raspberry Ape AKA Dan Strauss Pt.1: UK BJJ Origins, Strength as a way of life, Stone Lifting, bending steel and the Wall of Grip!


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This Historical Episode is Part 1 of an Epic 2 part special. Dan Strauss is a Roger Gracie Blackbelt and a famed Garage Gorilla and well known for his ADCC and Polaris grappling performances. Who would guess that a skinny kid could evolve into a renowned leader in the world of Strength and Grappling.
Dan's passion for strength and collecting equipment grew into one of the most comprehensive and impressive home gym set ups of all time. Grip strength is at the heart of this discussion and JT goes deep with the Captain of crush himself.
This is a wide ranging conversation that contains gem after gem on how to improve yourself for BJJ. Dan is an encyclopaedia of strength and grappling knowledge and if you want to know more click the links below to access is awesome instructional videos.
Grip Strength Training- https://raspberryape.com/products/apestrong
SandBag Training - https://raspberryape.com/products/ape-strong-sandbag-training-for-grapplers-instructional-video

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