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This is a model man! Jamel is a light for all of us, but he is especially important for men and fathers to hear from. Secondarily, I think he has an extraordinary mindset and qualities for women to hear who would like to partner with a healthy and secure man, or who already are with someone and would like to understand your partner better.

I’m so grateful to Jamel for allowing us to hear his story and I hope it serves listeners well.

Here are just some of the things he talks about:

-being highly stressed (he rates it a 50 out of 10) and still making the move to begin therapy
-the importance of identifying the root of the problem
-deepening his relationship with his children
-realizing he was running on autopilot with his traumas
-unconsciously repeating negative cycles from the past
-the difficulty and importance of bringing things we feel shame about to the light
-what men need to know about therapy and emotional expression
-separating “who I am” vs. “what I do”
-how he maintains peace

and those are just SOME of the pieces! This episode is packed.

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