Episode 760 - Sabum Sam Pulfer


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Sabum Sam Pulfer is a martial Arts instructor and practitioner who currently represents Malta in International competitions.

There’s somethiing in every single style that you can use to complement in another style… WTF Taekwondo doesnt put much emphasis on hands. So, when I did Kyokushin, very strong focused went on to the hand and getting in close to be able to use short, sharp punches in parts of the body that really hurt…

Sabum Sam Pulfer - Episode 760

According to Sabum Sam Pulfer, he started Martial Arts for all the wrong reasons. Growing up in a family that moves a lot, Sabum Sam Pulfer needed something to do in his free time and he wasn’t so keen when he heard Taekwondo. However, when he tried it, he did not turn back.

Currently, Sabum Pulfer represents Malta in Taekwondo international competitions and currently runs the Gemini martial arts team. He was a member of the British Poomsae team (2004 - 2009), coached a team in India (2006), trained with the Sri Lankan military (2005), former British national Poomsae championship (2007 - 2009), and former infantry serviceman with the territorial army (2011). He also competed in 102 tournaments since first competing in June 2000.

In this episode, Sabum Sam Pulfer talked about his journey to the Martial Arts, his interest in the psychology of martial arts, and how his multi-faceted approach in life benefitted his training. Listen to learn more!

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