Episode 750 - Soke Tim Spiess


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Soke Tim Spiess is a Martial Arts practitioner, instructor, and former US Secret Service Agent.

Comes a time in your Martial Art where you go to a next level and something pushes you there and 90% of the time what it is, it is self-discovery…

Soke Tim Spiess - Episode 750

October 1, 1984, was the time Soke Tim Spiess’ Martial Arts journey started, as he vividly remembers. Out of a misunderstanding on the road with another driver, Soke Tim Spiess, at that time, had enough of people bullying him and decided he should know how to fight and protect himself. After that, Soke Spiess developed a passion for Karate where he learned a couple of rare styles that are only known to a handful of people.

In this episode, Soke Tim Spiess shares his journey to the martial arts where he started at an unusual time in his life. Listen to learn more!

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