How A Fixed Price Approach Can Win You More Clients


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Have you ever been sat in the back of a taxicab watching the meter in the front slowly tick up and up?

Do you ever wonder if the driver chose the ‘scenic route’ to get more money out of you?
And every time you stop at a red light or get caught up in a bit of traffic, you watch that meter tick higher and higher and your ride gets more expensive with every minute.
You’re on edge the whole ride fretting over what the final cost will be.
It’s an awful feeling.
That’s exactly what your hourly rate does to your clients.
When you can’t give a definite price, your clients can’t plan or budget, they have no idea what the price is going to be, and they think more about the time you are spending on the job than the quality of the work you are doing.
It’s an awful way to price – not only do your clients hate it, it also brings you a really low profit.
When you move to fixed pricing, you can give your clients those things they need – certainty, assurance to plan and budget, and a stress-free service.
That’s valuable.
And you will win more clients when you communicate just how valuable and FAIR this pricing structure is.
The latest episode of the Value Pricing Podcast is now available: How a Fixed Price Approach Can Win You More Clients
In today’s episode you will learn:
✅ Why hourly rates are bad for your business

✅ 4 ways in which your clients benefit from your fixed pricing approach

✅ 3 steps to using your fixed price approach to win new clients

✅ 2 practical examples you can use to communicate your new pricing structure
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