Ep. 120 ~ Sports Success and Mindset ~ Lauren Ammon


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Competitive athletes often tie their identity to their ability to perform and to win. They have the drive and ability, but they may not realize they are limiting themselves.

My guest this week is Lauren Ammon. She was a competitive swimmer for 20 years. She swam in her first race when she was five years old. She had success as a swimmer. And she had success in the corporate world as well. But something was missing.

She decided to leave her corporate job and get training as a coach. She had success in running her coaching business, working to develop leaders in business. But something still was missing.

Then she heard an interview from Michael Phelps talking about the mental challenges young athletes face. She switched her business model and now she works with athletes helping them train their minds for performance in sports. She also gives them skills to take those same mindset tools into all of life.

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