Female Mountain Bikers Changing Their Cultural Paradigms with World-Ride


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In North America, you probably see female mountain bikers and think nothing of it. But what if you were in Iran where a woman's virtue is at stake if she is seen riding a bike? Or in Nepal where it's been forbidden by family (and customary for women to live with their family until they get married)? What if you had to be the first woman in your community to mountain bike like a woman I spoke to in Guatemala? There is a lot we can take for granted in our lives without even realizing the hurdles some women must overcome to even sit on a bike seat and pedal down the road.

This podcast was one I was really excited to record challenging cultural norms and acting as role models for many young women.

Enter World-Ride. World Ride is a 501(c)3 non profit that works to empower women globally through mountain biking. They have established programs around the world where we work with local women to create bike libraries, assist women with leadership and guide training, and support women with their race goals. They are currently working with women in Guatemala, Nepal, and Iran as well as adding to their mission in many new countries Peru, Botswana, Ghana, and Israel.

This podcast episode was a lot of fun to put together and it is extra special to me. Mountain biking has profoundly changed my life and is something I'm passionate about. But to hear these stories of courage, overcoming cultural paradigms, having to convince their families that this is right, and the freedom and confidence that resulted from it is amazingly touching and inspiring. These women are changing the world and paving the way for others. Please support World-Ride in their efforts to continue building on this global community.

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