Marcel Bittencourt: Easy Tricks from a Design Pro: How to Create A Killer Brand Like Apple!


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Episode 7 of The School of Success Podcast Series is now live! An inspiring deep-dive into how to build your business brand from the ground up! 💎 This inspiring interview with the gifted Brazilian Brand Strategist + Creative Director, Marcel Bittencourt teaches you: - what branding is and its core components; - why branding is so important; - what killer brands like Apple + Tesler are doing differently; and - how you can build a powerful brand in a competitive market 💎 This is for you if you have an interest in setting up your own business one day or if you're chomping at the bit to bolster your brand and see profits skyrocket. This is also for you if you're not sure you have what it takes to create a brand with an edge and have no idea where to start. 💎 In this super informative interview, Marcel shares his expert wisdom from working with Fortune 500 companies on the absolute dos and donts that key movers and shakers apply to their brands. 💎 You can find Marcel @marcelbranding on Instagram and at 💎 Be warned, Marcel is an inspiring example of creativity, commerciality, innovation and more! Career + Life Coach + Wellbeing Trainer @melaniepritchardcoaching

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