George Bramble: The Secrets to Building a Multi-Million Pound Pet Empire From Your Garage Roof!


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Episode 8 of The School of Success Podcast Series is now live! An inspiring and insightful deep-dive into how to build a successful global business you're passionate about, this is not be missed! 💎 This interview with the accomplished founder of Beco, George Bramble, teaches you: - how to find a business idea that stands out; - the best path to entrepreneurship; - why mindset is key to success and myths that will keep you stuck; - insider tips on how to scale a business; - top tips for effective selling; - and more! 💎 This is for you if you have an interest in setting up your own business or if you're chomping at the bit to increase growth, profitability and market share. This is also for you if you're not sure you have what it takes to create a company with stand-out potential and have no idea where to start. 💎 In this super informative interview, George shares his expert wisdom from over ten years' experience building an award-winning eco-pet business that saw him go from sticking stickers on dog bowls on a roof in the dead of night to becoming the leading compostable poop bag specialist and a supplier of eco-friendly pet products to over 43 markets worldwide. 💎 You can find George @beco_pets on Instagram and at 💎 In the words of Beco, love your dog, love our planet! Career + Life Coach + Wellbeing Trainer @melaniepritchardcoaching

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