23. "Business Its All About Business..."


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The Daddy Fino Show is back with season 2 episode 4 and ladies and gents its all about business this episode. Your homies Daddy Fino BAYBAY and Sasha The Legit King are bringing some heat this episode with multiple debates about some really tough subjects going on in the world of wrestling. First with quick shits, Fino and Sasha discuss Cesaro leaving the WWE, the new champions crowned this week with Ricochet and Finn Balor winning the Intercontinental and United States Titles respectively, and our very strong opinions of Kieth Lee after his appearance on Talk is Jericho. We follow Quick Shits with a fiery debate over the amazing Vince Mcmahon interview on the Pat Mcafee Show this week. This conversation with Sasha and Fino is definitely can't miss as they both go back and forth over certain comments made by the Chairman of the Board. Lastly Fino and Sasha preview the major AEW PPV coming up Revolution with its ALL Time stacked card.

Fino also turns into Tony Khan at the end of the episode by making a HUGE announcement regarding our very next episode which will be our 1 year Anniversary episode of The Daddy Fino Show

Check it out and hope you enjoy

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