22. "The WHAT Rhodes WHAT to WWE WHAT..."


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Ladies and Gents, Daddy Fino and Sasha The Legit King are back with episode 3 of Season 2 of The Daddy Fino Show and let me tell you they have brought you guys one epic show. In this episode, Fino and Sasha start off with a celebration of Black History Month by listing some of their favorite black moments in the history of professional wrestling, they then use their popular quick shits segment to discuss several topics including the newest rumors regarding WrestleMania as a certain Rattlesnake may be loose WHAT in Texas WHAT once again WHAT, The Limitless One debuting in AEW, and AJ vs Edge. After Quick shits ladies and gents, we suggest you get ready for one of the biggest rants in The Daddy Fino Show history as Fino goes off on the wrestling story taking over 2022 and that is WHAT Cody Rhodes leaving AEW WHAT. This show was one crazy episode and thats not even the end of it as Fino and Sasha end it with a BIG discussion on the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event happening this Saturday. Hope you enjoy the episode.

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