24. "1 Year To Get The Big Scoop..."


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HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO THE DADDY FINO SHOW....Today's episode of The Daddy Fino Show is nothing but a celebration of hosts Daddy Fino and Sasha The Legit King reaching this historic mark. They celebrate with a bang right from the start as The Daddy Fino Show Official Theme Song is introduced and debuts for the world to hear. That ish is fireeeee. Also in this episode, Fino and Sasha discuss the memory of Razor Ramon Scott Hall who passed away too soon, Jeff Hardy speaking out about his end with WWE, AEW Revolution, Dr Britt Baker losing the AEW Women's Championship. Then Fino and Sasha go out with a bang as they welcome their first guest onto the show and he is Michael Cooper host of the talk show The Big Scoop with Coop as we discuss his beginning stages prior to becoming talk show host, what brought him to love the world of wrestling, his opinions on the current state of wrestling, AEW's performance thus far, a heated debate on NXT 2.0 and so much more...Please check out this STUPENDOUS and MONUMENTAL episode and help celebrate Fino and Sasha on this super exciting day.

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