Episode 11: A Critical Link? Mast Cell Activation & Chemical Intolerance with Dr. Lawrence Afrin


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This episode is titled, "A Critical Link? Mast Cell Activation and Chemical Intolerance."

My guest is Dr. Lawrence Afrin, a long-time physician and expert on MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome).

You will hear Dr. Afrin discuss:

  • Could MCAS be at the root of Chemical Intolerance for many people?
  • The primary symptoms of MCAS and what to do if you can't find or see a doctor.
  • Medication that people with MCAS could try with a discussion about fillers and excipients that can lead to reactions for people with MCS.

I hope you enjoy the conversation and find it of benefit.

Overlooked for Decades, Mast Cells May Explain Chemical Intolerance
Mast cell activation may explain many cases of chemical intolerance

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