Episode 10: Living in Vehicles as a Refuge


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This episode is about living in vehicles as a refuge.
It features a conversation with two women with severe MCS. They have had to make difficult decisions to live in their vehicles because synthetic and scented chemicals that many people use make them very ill.
You'll hear Maggie, who chose to use a pseudonym, and Evangeline Elmendorf Greene. Both women live in Arizona in the western United States, sometimes driving to neighbouring states where they are not exposed to chemicals and forest fire smoke.
Maggie and Evangeline talk about:

  • Social isolation that comes with living in vehicles.
  • The challenge of finding vehicles that allow them to be healthy.
  • How they are among countless other environmental refugees whose illnesses are not well understood and remain stigmatized.

It was moving hearing Maggie and Evangeline’s stories. I’m very grateful to them for sharing their experiences. I hope you enjoy the conversation and find it of benefit.

Thanks so much for listening.

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