# 187 - Stop Waiting For The Right Time, Create It


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In today’s episode of the ‘Career Change Maker’ podcast, I am diving into why it is important to stop waiting for the right time to make a career move, and instead create it.

Episode Highlights

· 03:50 – In case you're not yet at the place of your choice then it means you're tolerating your current position while knowing that you don't want to be tolerating it.

· 06:00 – All of us have some basic needs, so when you don't have those things fulfilled then it is really hard for you to consider anything else.

· 08:00 – One of my clients took the opportunity and time to join my program and work through what she wanted in her career. She landed a new role within four weeks of being made redundant and the role was fully aligned with her values. Had she not started the process, likely that she would have just jumped into a very similar role once she took voluntary redundancy.

· 10:25 - There's a lot of introspection, research, and positioning that needs to happen for you to attract the right type of role. So in my program, I take people through the data method, which helps them to define exactly what they want to do.

· 12:15 - Take control of the things that you have control over, and if you know that you're not happy in your career, then let’s do something about it. It makes me so happy when I hear that my clients have got promoted, I feel so glad that I made this transition.

What you will learn:

  1. I often hear from people who are not happy in their current role, who know that they feel undervalued in their role and that they are just going to wait until they feel more confident. However the waiting period is often ongoing and not productive.
  2. If you're in a position where you know that you're not happy, why wait until there is a circumstance where you have to figure out the next move, and you're not going to have the headspace to think through what you want to do. So instead of saying, “I'm going to wait until later”, ask yourself, “What am I waiting for?” It makes more sense for you to pay attention to this now rather than putting it off till later.
  3. If you have a valid reason for wanting to make a move, then it is important to pay attention to that right now. The reality is if you want to move into something new then it's not just about you jumping to another same role with another company, it's about you figuring out what you want to do in the long term and that takes time. There's a whole process that has to have for you to have clarity around what you want to do.

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