# 186 - Thriving in a Remote Working Environment with Sarah Fern


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In today’s episode of the ‘Career Change Maker’ podcast, I am talking with Sarah Fern about thriving in a remote working environment and how you can make it work in a remote working environment. I think there’s no better person than Sarah for me to speak to and have a discussion around making remote working successful.

The reason I am having a conversation with Sarah about remote working is that she's the Head of people at Velocity Global where they help people to work from anywhere. So, I want to dive in and have a very candid conversation about how it all works.
Episode Highlights

· 09:15 – Our policy says if you get your job done, that's your duty. You sign up to do your job and where you do that from and when you do that, that's in your control.

· 11:15 - When we say ‘Be Bold’ (One of our Company Values), it's especially important in this remote world because you don't always have someone next to you that you can check in with your co-worker or your team may not be around when you have a specific question and that forces you to make informed decisions.

· 33:28 - Empower yourself, don't hold back. There are a lot of spaces in the world where you're needed and your fire is needed and we need to unleash ourselves quite frankly.
What you will learn:.

  1. The importance of culture - In our remote world, if we don't foster that healthy culture, if we don't foster and celebrate those behaviours and values, we wouldn't be where we are today so people-first approach that human approach to celebrating people for who they are. We have all religions and people of the world represented and we have to work like that. So, anyone who falls out of line has a very short career with us.
  2. Navigating working remotely - Working anywhere is probably not for everyone. If this is your first job, this is quite a task because you have to become an amazing network person. It can be a lonely journey and so, we try and have a lot of interactions, we have a buddy system, the new starters, we have team members in our team who look after our new starters. We need to be really good at sharing information and we have recently introduced a Virtual HQ. It is a platform where we share, communicate, and share recordings, pictures, or any updates.
  3. Aligning Your Values - Find a workplace that shares your values, but that doesn't always exist. So, if it doesn't exist, if you can't find it, find it within yourself, don't create it. Unleash that passion and go find your tribe who are already doing it or doing it differently. Learn from them too, because we have so many opportunities, and we haven't even started properly.

About Guest:

Sarah Fern (Today’s guest), Chief People Officer at Velocity Global

Velocity Global: Website LinkedIn

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