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Do you want to know that secret to building a multi-million dollar business with no experience? Join Jeff Fenster (Founder of Everbowl) and Eric Partaker as they share tips on how to reach your full potential, and share the secrets that led to Jeff becoming the successful Entrepreneur he is today.


Nobody Is Born With Success! - It is created through hard work, perseverance and resilience.

It's The Little Things In Life - If you eat good, you feel good. When you feel good, you look good. When you look good, you perform good. And when you perform good you get everything you want in life! Success starts with the fuel you put in your body!

Experience is Overrated - Experience is one of the most overrated prerequisites to start a company. Too often people wait to have a wealth of experience. Instead, let go of your ego and surround yourself with incredible talent.

The World Is Your Oyster! - Everything you need to succeed already exists, all the resources, all the expertise. Your job is simply to connect the dots to the person, to the book, to the course, and pull it all together.

What Is Your Purpose? - It is very important to have a clear definitive purpose for striving for your goals. During tough times, if you don't know where you’re going, you're going to fail. Knowing you’re ‘why’ gives you the inspiration and motivation to chase your goals and stay focused.

Not Preparing For Change Is Preparing To Fail - A change ready mindset both professionally and personally, allows you to adapt with the waves and pivot when you need to pivot and continue to grow and develop to the best version of yourself. The world is forever changing.

Big Journeys Begin With Small Steps - Don't strive for perfection. Instead, strive to get 1% better today, 1% better tomorrow, 1% better the next day.

Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do! - Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard! The secret to success is hard work. Laying back and allowing talent to carry you through will end up with failure.

Embrace Your Feelings - Don't spend too much time in a state of pity, being a victim. Set a timer on your phone for five minutes. Then curse, scream, cry, jump up and down. Go through an emotional reflection period and let your feelings out. But when the alarm goes off it’s done. It's back to solving the next problem.


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