PPI #144: How to Form a Habit - Develop and Maintain Good Habits


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How to Form a Habit - Develop and Maintain Good Habits // Are you sick of setting goals and falling short? Are you tired of making commitments and not pulling through? Watch this video and you will learn how to choose, install, and execute new habits to help reach your full potential in life. Choose to work on yourself, improve your lifestyle habits and listen to the top tips for a high performance life to discover what becoming your best and the greatest you really take.


Why Do You Want To Reach Your Goals? - What is it that you are trying to achieve? Why is it important? What are the benefits that you’re going to get from achieving that goal?

Successful People Are Simply Those With Successful Habits! - Create habits that if done well will make the success of your goals inevitable! What are the 20% of habits, which will create 80% of the benefit that you are seeking?

Failing To Plan, Is Planning To Fail! - Create a schedule for your habits. What are the weekly goals and targets you want to hit? And how will you accomplish them? What gets scheduled gets done.

Track and Reflect - At the end of the week, look back and ask yourself, how that week went? Did you perform your habits at the quality level that is required to reach your goals?

Set Up Tools For Success - What, if done well will enable you to carry out your habits easier. For example, If you are going into a certain mode of work, what are the tools you need laid out on your desk ready to enable you to do so.

Seek Help and Guidance - Enlist the support of others. Is there a community that you can plug into, that can give you the challenge and support you need?

Go Public With Your Ambitions - Put yourself on the line and tell people what you want to achieve and by when. Vocalizing your goals makes it more likely that you will achieve.

Implement Rewards and Recognize Achievement - Create micro rewards along the way, little milestones where you can treat yourself when reaching small goals.

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