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Hello and welcome to Soft Skills GROWTH. This channel is created to help all of you walking the same (or similar) path as I did. For years I was struggling with low self-confidence, with low self-esteem and I was sure I was worth nothing! After so many years on that journey, I simply realized I needed help. I started reading, watching, listening... and I was LEARNING! Throughout these years I've gathered quite a collection of personal growth materials, and now, I would like to share all of that knowledge with you. To be honest, I am far from being perfect. But I am very passionate about learning, growing, and inspiring others to be the very best of themselves. I would like to give you hope that you are not alone. I would like to give you hope that you can do anything. EVERYTHING! I would really like to HELP YOU! Because you're worth it! My videos are not created just for content’s sake. These videos are created to deliver real value to you. So, subscribe to my channel (Soft Skills Growth) and begin your journey today.

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