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In this episode we are talking about some strategies to reset your brain and get back to being a high functioning individual. Every once in a while we need a reset. It is important to clear out the cobwebs and discard all the useless chatter that's banging around in our heads.
This is my process and how I defeat the gloom and doom that comes with mental stagnation. Left unchecked it can manifest as anger, depression and all manner of undesirable conditions. I have to go through these reset cycles every so often or I simply cease to function at anything better than a basic life sustaining level. We are better than just eating sleeping and breathing. We need to be creative and sometimes that requires a reset.
Enjoy this episode which is also a reset on the podcast. There is no video version on the YouTube. I am transitioning this podcast out of the bunker and taking it to wherever I go and that means audio only. Thanks for tuning in. Norseman

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