SDP 013 SELF CARE IS ALL ABOUT THE ME TIME | Making your own self care and happiness routine


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#metime #selfcare #personalfulfillment
Me Time: Sometimes you just gotta say fuck the world and take care of yourself.
MANTRA: All I’m asking for is a little of my own time.
Special thanks to "Unveil the Strength" for use of the song "Hells Never over",
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If you are the guy or gal that other people rely on to meet their needs then you are a provider
The curse of the provider is that they very rarely actually take care of themselves. Leading to overwhelming stress anxiety and depression with no apparent cause. NO APPARENT CAUSE!
o That is a key marker that it is time to check out for a while.
o If there is no apparent problem to fix then it’s very hard to fix it.
o Recognize that this is a steam valve and it just needs to let off a little pressure not completely reorganize and change a system that has been working.
We rarely have the ability to just take off and get some self-care. Because if we do the world seems to fall apart and we are left to pick up the pieces.
o Most people feel this way most of the time
o Even those with very little responsibility
o We are surrounded by our lives every second of every day so we tend to overemphasize our importance in other people’s stories.
o If you died tomorrow they would all adjust to not having you.
o Certainly you can take a few minutes, hours, or days to stay in top condition.
What kind of person are you, you have to know this first.
o Simple people, balance their work and hobbies very efficiently
o Complex people, have no balance, work and hobbies are the same but need to be structured so one relieves the other.
What the hell is a self-care routine or habit?
o It is simply the steps that you take on regular intervals to ensure that you are in to working condition for whatever it is that you do.
o You have to take stock in where your attention goes when you don’t feel well.
o You brain is trying to tell you what you need.
Some self care routines must be gratifying first and foremost:
o Physical exercise, biking, xc skiing
o Outdoor hobbies like fishing and hunting
o Indoor hobbies and crafts
o Reading, writing and journaling
o Meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises
o Gardening and landscaping
o Photography and videography
o OK you get the point
Funny how a lot of those actually look like hobbies. But the main catch is this, you need to get some level of gratification out of it for it to be considered self care. Even if it is good for you. If you hate running but you do it to stay in shape then it is a good habit but not self care.
The Naturalist John Muir said that “In every walk in with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
o And of course one of my favorite ways to unwind is to spend time in nature. While I prefer the company of one or two others, none ever seem to have time, so often I go alone.
o It is probably the one thing that I cannot get enough of and never seem to have time for.
o It is where my mind goes when I get overwhelmed.
o While I could film my trips for my other YouTube channel I rarely do. Seems like work and that is not the point of the trips.
o The priority for me is always to experiment, relax, experience, observe and simply enjoy.

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