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Are you procrastinating on your midlife fitness and nutrition even though you know it’s time to start focusing on it? Do you have trouble prioritizing yourself in order to create good habits that will help you live longer? Have you been needing motivation and accountability to make a real change, but honestly just don't know where to start?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

In this podcast, you will be entertained, educated, and encouraged to put yourself and your midlife health and wellness first in order to enjoy your present and live a happier, longer life. My mission is to equip you with all of the information you need to discover that good fitness, nutrition, and a positive outlook over 50 are all within reach, even if they seem far away.

If you are tired of putting yourself last, have trouble setting boundaries, and are fired up to feel your best to have the energy to take into your 50s, 60s, and beyond - then welcome my friend!

I’m Lesley McShane, fellow midlife wife, empty nester, fitness coach, and certified personal trainer. As a former competitive athlete, I understand the importance of consistency when working to reach goals in all areas, while also dealing with these transitions of life. I’ve watched many friends and family struggle, wondering why they can’t stay motivated to be active, eat intentionally, and follow through on commitments they have made to themselves.

In my late 40s, I figured out how crucial it was for me to take control of my physical and mental health in order to handle all of the pressures that adult children, aging parents, looming retirement, and weight gain from menopause were throwing at me. I made the conscious decision that life was too short to not practice the self care I needed in order to prioritize my own needs at this age

If you are ready to stop procrastinating, I want to help you make that investment in yourself. You need accountability and a good time-management plan to set yourself up for the peace and harmony you desire. All so that you are able to live longer with freedom and no regret.

Life doesn’t end at middle age. Our best years are still in front of us. And you deserve the best those years have to offer. There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to redesign your midlife to make it all work for you.

Let’s go!

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