What is Trauma-Informed Care?


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Noa Goodman is a pelvic health physical therapist who specializes in Trauma-Informed Care for all ages, genders, and abilities at UPMC Centers for Rehab Services. She practices and trains clinicians in Trauma-Informed Care and Gender-Affirming Physical Therapy including Transgender Care. She is Board Certified WCS and Board Certified Lymphedema Therapist (LANA).

Episode Takeaways

  • Defining Trauma-Informed and Gender-Affirming Care
  • Post-operative treatment for non-cisgender men
  • Recent research and innovation opportunities
  • Creating a safe space by treating the person first then the pelvis second
  • How pelvic PT can improve the quality of life for all people

Three Questions

Parting Shot

“ Use gender-inclusive language. Commit to trauma-informed care and receive ongoing diversity and health training.” - Noa Goodman

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