Hamilton Souther Master Shaman and Founder of Blue Morpho Center in Peru discusses creating a new psychedelic state from within and Shamanic Technology


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Hamilton Souther is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, visionary, speaker, author and shaman. He is the founder of companies and start-ups spanning Web3, Crypto, NFTs, blockchain, lifestyle & wellness. Hamilton was given the title of Master Shaman by Alberto Torres Davila and Julio Llerena Pinedo after completing an apprenticeship under Alberto and Julio. Don Julio passed away after having been in a 35 year medicine pact with spirit. His medicine lives on in Maestro Hamilton. Hamilton is also the founder of the Blue Morpho Ayahausca and Shamanism Center in Peru, has seen countless lives transformed through ayahuasca, the powerful South American hallucinogenic beverage that contains DMT, which many of you know I work with and facilitate healing through. Some thing that is very interesting and should be mentioned is Hamilton has Mapped the the space and consciousness within the plant that enables you to navigate medicinal plants via accessing different gateways within them that represent different states of consciousness. Those different gateways define and color the nature of the experience that you have while you’re in them. When you give an intention and a direction to the experience, you continue to treat the physicality but bring the plant spirit medicine to the experience the way one would in the Amazon. This is very unique in shamanism because normally the spaces that you go into are already predefined. They’re filled with entities, beings and spirits. This was a created but basically empty space filled with medicine that could be used for transcending consciousness and moving towards love, but instead of having any shape or structure it was filled with medicine devoid of spirits and completely transformed the realm Into not only some thing just for him but some thing that could be experienced by all of humanity in the medicine space. This is why intention is so key when you’re embarking in any plant medicine ceremony. He also speaks about Shamanic technology which is a very interesting concept we are going to delve into in the show. I have listened to probably every podcast he’s been on because he really resonated with me personally and you’ll hear him explain about the visions that he got that lead him to his path and those of you that have heard me explain my experience will know that it’s very similar except I wasn’t called to go down to the Amazon! I have a tremendous amount of respect for this man for having the courage to trust his visions and to embark on some thing that most of humanity is afraid to do!
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www.bluemorphotours.com or www.bluemorphoretreats.world

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