Patrice Brewer - Speaking the Language of your soul


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Patrice Brewer is a well known healer and oracle. She is a graduate from USM. At the age of 59 and in 2010 she got in T-bone collision that nearly cost her life. She sustained a left to right brain concussion, to which her doctor even shared that the accident cracked her pineal gland wide open. Four months after her accident she started feeling energies. Her intuitive gifts started appearing and by 2012 spirit taught her what she calls her heart language. Through diligent practice for 5 months she mastered this language that she uses in her blessings. By 2015 she learned to understand and be able to speak all the languages of your soul. In her sessions she channels from the true source of all creation and with that guidance she translates and describes the blessings and visions that is for your highest good. She is also gifted in her ability to remove etherical implants, swords and objects that can be the source of pain and suffering. Patrice is a good friend and I am blessed to know her. In early 2022 she removed an etherical implant from my right lumbar area that had been the cause of severe back pain and suffering since I was 19 years old. My pain in my lower back has never returned. She is one of the most talented and heartfelt individuals I know and I am so excited to have her on my show! is her website will be up in October. For sessions please email her at
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