Hacker life: Insights into hacking, penetration testing, and more


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In this episode of Phishy Business, we speak to Elger Jonker who has been active as an ethical hacker and penetration tester for quite a few years. Elger is now in the process of setting up one of the world’s largest hacker camps and conferences. In addition to speaking with Elger about this exciting new event, we also discuss his tips and tricks to make organisations more resilient.

In ‘Hacker life: Insights into hacking, penetration testing, and more’, we discuss:

  • The definition of a hacker and the types of hackers that exist today.
  • Examples of hacks that made an impact, even on Elger himself.
  • How to make organisations more resilient while facing ever-increasing cyberthreats.
  • How ethical hackers can help improve security for organisations.
  • Various initiatives to create more awareness around hacks, hacking, and cybersecurity.
  • Elger’s vision for one of the largest hacker camps and conferences worldwide, hosted in the Netherlands.

About Phishy Business

Fed up with the same old cybersecurity stories? Come with us on a journey that explores the lesser-known side. Whether it’s social engineering, taking criminals to court or the journalists hunting down hackers — our new podcast series, Phishy Business, looks for new ways to think about cybersecurity. Mimecast’s very own Brian Pinnock and Alice Jeffery are joined by guests from a range of unique security specialisms. Each episode explores tales of risk, reward and just a dash of ridiculousness to learn how we can all improve in the fight to stay safe. For more tales of risk, reward and ridiculousness, subscribe to Phishy Business on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor or wherever you get your podcasts.


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