Being ‘always on’ earned our guest a front row seat to the best tech stories of the last few decades


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Ever wonder what it is like to be at THE iPhone launch with Steve Jobs or to interview Elon Musk? Our guest this week has done both those things, and so much more. Rory Cellan Jones is the former tech correspondent at the BBC, and now author of ‘Always on – hope and fear in the smartphone era’. We cover everything from his best stories from his years as a journalist with a front row seat at the biggest tech stories of the last few decades, to the effects social media and mobile devices have on society.

In ‘A front row seat to the best tech stories, our guest was ‘always on’’ we discuss:

  • What it was like having a front row seat to some of the most important tech stories of the last few decades
  • Speaking to Prof. Steven Hawking and hearing what he had to say on the rise of AI
  • The impact mobile devices have had on us and our society at large
  • What being ‘always on’ means in how we interact with each other
  • What the impact is of misinformation
  • How to effectively communicate stories about cybercrime to a broad audience
  • The perils of interviewing Elon Musk

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