Episode 15: C-PTSD and Depression - Don't Fight It, Embrace It!


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Episode 15

C-PTSD and Depression

Don't Fight It. Embrace It!

February 11, 2021

Today’s episode is about depression, Major Depression to be exact and the role it has played in my life and how it is entwined deeply into the fabric of C-PTSD and PTSD. You can’t have these conditions and not be depressed. I hope today’s podcast helps some of you to ease your load a bit and take steps towards healing. It’s late and I’m tired and it’s good enough.

I found Psycom.net had a nice approach to how Major depression is defined and treated. There is a ton of really good information throughout their website. It is definitely worth the effort.


If you are curious about the workings of Major Depression, Very Well Mind has some good stuff. You would be surprised as to all what is going on in your brain when you have depression.


Here’s the Wikipedia page for the Feeling Good Handbook. This book revolutionized the treatment of depression and anxiety disorder and has been proven to be equally as effective as medication for the treatment of these conditions.


And finally, here is the straight scoop about suicidality. Here is where you are going to find out how to know if someone you know is having suicidal ideation and what you can do about it. Great information.


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