Why There Aren't Cultivar (strain) Names on The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck


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Addressing some questions and clearing up some confusion in this series with Q&A from real reviewers.

This episode goes over why the cannabis oracle deck doesn't have cultivar names (or strains names) associated with the cards. There's a very good reason and it's rooted in.....science.

Listen along as I detail the dilemma of Indica/Sativa and go deep into Terpenes that (make your strain what it is.)

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About Maggie Wilson:

I'm a Metaphysical Manifestation Queen, a bestselling author, and a marketing executive. I'm a US-southern raised rebel, living in a vibrant pastel dream house near the beach in Southern California. For the last seventeen years, I have been working in the wellness + self-care space, teaching people how to truly be themselves through Metaphysical, books, and workshops. ...And we have achieved so much in such a short time. Before I started this work, my life was a huge question of what I was supposed to do as my purpose. After I found my true power using Reiki + Kundalini, I became obsessed with the idea that how we think can have so much impact on our daily lives, our future, and our power to manifest.

Professional accolades? Okay. I am a cannabis executive for a leading healthy edible in California and the first black cannabis sommelier. I've curated and hosted educational dinners for executives from multiple industries. My podcast has been listed in the Top 3 Apple Podcasts in multiple countries ( after 4 years of producing/creating my own podcast!). My first publication, The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck (Sterling, 2022 + Liminal 11) became an instant bestseller at #1 in its category and has been accepted into multiple international museums. I've taught at MSU Denver about the federal regulations around cannabis marketing, been featured in Forbes and Spotify, and have celebrities using my oracle deck such as the unforgettable India Arie.

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