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In this episode, we attempt to answer the question, "what role does genetics play in building muscle?" by examining an online article from the Good Guide for Health Care. We then transition into discussing two recent research articles (linked below) that discuss advanced resistance training techniques promoting hypertrophy, as well as the optimal resistance training volume per muscle group. We finish out the episode discussing some things to look out for as a consumer in the fitness industry, and Evan provides a look into his Spotify Release Radar for this week. We hope there are a lot of key takeaways from this episode that you can directly implement into your training routine to maximize muscle hypertrophy. Enjoy!
Role of Genetics in Bodybuilding: Role of Genetics for Muscle, Strength And Training (
Hypertrophy Articles:

Fitness Industry:

  • Hot Take on Fake Natties
  • Instagram Exercise Challenges
  • Fitness Influencers' Coaching Programs

Release Radar Recap:

  • Forsaken by Until I Wake
  • Body Bag by I Prevail

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