Ep26 - Fluffy Sky Bunnies And The Great Reset


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The Great Reset is still here. There’s more evidence that political, business, and religious leaders are moving forward with their plan to bring about a global utopia. But does that evidence prove what you think it proves? Or is your brain tricking you into believing a conspiracy theory?

In this episode of Mentally Unscripted, Paul and Scott revisit the Great Reset.

They start off by talking about apophenia, or false pattern recognition. Apophenia is our tendency to see patterns in random data that don’t exist. And it’s one reason why we dream up and believe in conspiracy theories.

Then they dive into the Great Reset. Believers in the Great Reset point to Blackrock and censorship as two bits of evidence that the conspiracy is real.

Paul and Scott use false pattern recognition to analyze that evidence.

First up is Blackrock. Blackrock is buying up residential real estate in the U.S. Is that a sign that we're moving towards a world where "you'll own nothing, and you'll be happy?" Or is it something else?

Next up is censorship. Is big tech working on behalf of the government to censor dissent? And is that another step toward a world where the elites protect us from harmful ideas? Or is big tech cozying up to the government to protect its market dominance?

The first step is to identify what patterns lead us to believe that those in power are marching toward The Great Reset. Then, we must test the evidence. And ask ourselves the tricky question: is what we're seeing and believing real?


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