Magnificent Midlife


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Midlife isn’t the end of meaningful life, just the end of the first half rehearsal. Listen, laugh and be inspired as Rachel Lankester, author, mentor and founder of Magnificent Midlife, interviews women in midlife and beyond living authentic, empowered lives, not disappearing into obscurity. From round the world yachtswomen to 60 year old pole dancers, from palliative care doctors to sustainable food evangelists, this podcast explores the myriad things older women get up to and the issues we face. We challenge the status quo and bash those negative stereotypes about being an older woman. Need some inspiration about what’s possible for you when you're over 40, over 50 or beyond? These women will show you anything is. Need help overcoming your own limiting beliefs about getting older or struggles with menopause? Learn from women who’ve experienced the same but found ways to thrive and become who they were always meant to be. Learn their life-hacks and how they do what they do. This podcast is all about celebrating women in midlife and beyond. We’re not over the hill or on a downward slope. We get better with age not worse. We talk all things midlife, about issues that matter, and share fabulous stories of magnificent women doing very cool stuff. Now's our time! Find out more at

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