(Rewind): If You Want To Heal Your Heartbreak, Listen To This...


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I’ll keep this short. If you’re experiencing any kind of pain right now from a “situation” or a relationship ending, this clip is a must-watch for you today.

It could be the pain of having been ghosted . . .

It could be the pain of someone you were seeing regularly going cold on you . . .

Or it could be the terrible heartbreak of a long-term relationship falling apart when you didn’t want it to end.

In this clip, my brother Stephen and I are not merely talking about how to get over your pain, but how to deal with it while you’re still in the middle of it—perhaps even in the worst phase, when it feels like it’ll never go away.

I’m here for you.

P.S. This video may be the greatest gift you can give a friend or family member who is experiencing this kind of pain right now. Who could you send this to to help them get through the day?


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