The Secrets of the Ancient Mysticism of Kabbalah


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This week's show delves deep into the secrets of Kabbalah. Often misunderstood - Kababaah is a secret and ancient form of mysticism. Our own in-house spiritual guru Jim Elkin will discuss what it is, it's history, how it works and how it can improve your life. Jim will discuss Practical Kaballah and touch on Christian Kaballah, Astrology and the tarot and how it ties into Kabbala. Join us tonight as Lady Fontaine known as America's #1 Love Psychic and her co-hosts Jim Elkin and Paul LaPlaca discuss this and more! Come join us and get answers to your questions about Kaballah James Elkin from EastWest Healing Arts and Acupuncture from Hartsdale, NY who has over 20 years of experience!. Call in for a FREE psychic reading on any topic from Lady Fontaine and her co-hosts. You'll get great answers, insight and advice from her team of experts. We are waiting for your call!!! Phone lines open at 8:45pm! Please call early to get in queue! Please read our Guidelines to callers on our profile! ------------------------------------------------------------- Our next shows will be on 'Friends with Benefits'. Watch for details

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