26: Z is for The Zodiac and Your Animal


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Astrological energy does not just stop with human beings. Animals born under a specific Zodiac sign will also carry these traits. As I studied Astrology and my interest grew, I started to take mental notes of the animals that I shared my life with and their related astrological sign and soon started to witness patterns develop.
In this episode, Anita talks about her interest in Astrology and how the signs of the Zodiac relate to our own Animals.
It can be fun to see if your animal's sign rings true. Giving you an insight into ...

  • Personality and compatibility with your Zodiac sign and others within the home.
  • Your pet’s behaviour
  • Any predisposition to certain health issues
  • The best choice if you are planning to bring a new animal into your world

For example, an Aries dog could be seen as being boisterous, but actually, it is because Aries are dynamic and gregarious and have a lot of fire energy. A Taurean Cat may seem to be difficult at times, but this can be because they are naturally stubborn but very loyal.

I would love to hear how your pets carry their Zodiac traits!

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