Episode 273: Be Fabulous From Home With Esther Blum


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Welcome back!
In this week's episode, my special guest is Esther Blum, RD. Esther is an integrative dietician who specializes in working with perimenopausal and postmenopausal women (and men) to optimize their health with gut healing, stress management, and nutritional interventions. In today's podcast, Esther and I discuss hacking your health from home, how you should be exercising and eating during menopause, how men can be an ally during menopause, and so much more!
Here is Esther's website:
for more information in working with Esther!
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0:00 Intro
4:00 How working from home has changed our health
4:45 Kitchen Grazing
6:30 The Role of Accountability
7:30 Lay Out Your Clothing to Hack Your Laziness
8:00 Schedule Your Workouts
11:00 Yogi Tea for better Sleep
17:00 What is Integrative Dietetics?
17:00 Protein requirements for ageless athletes
17:20 Working with Different Patients
19:00 What are the tests?
21:30 Sleep
22:30 Four Sigmatic instead of coffee
25:00 Feeling Better
27:00 Postmenopausal Recommendations for exercise and nutrition
35:50 How can men be an ally to women?

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