Episode 272: Fasting Mimicking Diet with Dr. Joseph Antoun


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Episode 272: Fasting Mimicking Diet With Dr. Joseph Antoun
Welcome back!
In this week's episode, my special guest is Dr. Joseph Antoun, CEO of L-Nutra, a company that offers products to support fasting diets. In today's discussion Dr. Antoun sheds light on the benefits of fasting diets, what fasting diets are and aren't, and how L-Nutra products (including the Fasting Mimicking Diet) can get you closer to your health and longevity goals.
If you would like to learn more about L-Nutra products, visit www.l-nutra.com.
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0:00 Intro
2:00 L-Nutra
6:00 How fasting affects the body
10:30 What are the effects of fasting physiologically?
12:30 The new definition of fasting
14:30 Fasting vs. Low Cal Diets
15:50 Fasting Mimicking Diet
17:30 Fasting with a life full of stress
20:00 Fasting as a stressor
22:30 Gluconeogenesis
23:30 Periodic Fasting
26:00 Removing Addictions
27:00 Wired to Eat
28:30 What Should I Eat?
29:30 Longevity as the goal
31:00 Flexitarian Diet
33:10 To Look Buff, eat this...
34:20 IGF/Insulin=Pro Aging
39:00 Eating for chronic disease
40:30 Fasting For Health
42:00 Exercise Recommendations
48:00 Prolon

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