Rich Dad Poor You KioSucky...Again! (SANITARIUM)


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Consider this your regular reminder that most personal finance gurus get rich not from their investment smarts, but from their ability to sell you on their investing smarts.

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================ LISTENER QUESTION/COMMENTS ================ Should I finance a car and move the money to a higher-yielding account or pay cash for it (Bobbi, Houston)

Are I-bonds are a better vehicle for savings as opposed to other savings accounts (David)

I'm 21 and just started investing in a 401k managed by my bank but I'm scared that we'll go into a pandemic-induced recession at any moment and I'll lose everything. Don't know if this was really the best time to start investing (Abi)

================ TOPICS =============== MONEY-SAVING TIP? Iron-stomached man discovers savings benefits of eating meals at a Six Flags park

Scott shares his favorite credit card and why he likes it.

It's time for taxes if you want to save money -

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