4 Budgeting Tips That Should Die (LIVE AND LET DIE)


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You don't need a budget. You just need something that works for you and you'll follow consistently. Tips that should make you feel better (less guilty!) about the perfect plan for you.

================ LISTENER QUESTION/COMMENTS ================ Is there a company for a Roth IRA that is safe, reliable, easy, and good (Sandy)

Should I leave my money in a 401k or roll it into an IRA? Would a self-directed IRA be best for home flipping? (Wayne)

My ex-son-in-law is going to set me up with a Robinhood account (Anita)

================ TOPICS =============== MONEY-SAVING TIP: Amazon vs. Walmart

TRAVEL HACK: The new Capital One Venture X card is here

Scott's daughter joins the show without her knowing it.

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