The Fallacy of the Half-Filled Glass - Featuring International Trainer, Coach and Author Trevor Lynch


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Brief Episode Summary:

For years, I’ve heard people in conversation, question whether someone’s glass was half-full, a supposed positive inference, or half-empty, just the opposite. It’s all a matter of perspective. I would suggest that neither is in an ideal place! If one is to be able to successfully weather life’s challenges, and some of them are doozies, it will require resilience and lots of it…a full glass that is continuously and effectively, being topped up!
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Key Topics:

  • In Trevor's outstanding book. "Yes You Freakin Can", Trevor introduces the acronym "RAS. This factory installed filter is "off the charts" as to its usefulness regarding becoming the best version of ourselves. Discover how!
  • Learn how the word "yet" is so life-transforming.
  • What is "REP and where should it be utilized?
  • "Imposter Syndrome" is one of the most constraining beliefs one can buy into. What is it, how does it work and how is it overcome?
  • How does one practice gratitude and what if you're challenged coming up with anything?
  • What does it mean to pre-determine your media focus? Your mental health may be at stake?


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A Realtor in AZ for 10 years, her main goal is to take the stress off you.

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